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What is the INJEP ?

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The National Institute for Youth and Community Education is :

  • a public autonomous institution attached to the Minister in charge of youth policies ;
  • a study and research centre on young people’s practices and expectations ;
  • a centre for the assessment of youth related actions and policies ;
  • a resource centre youth policies and community education actors ;
  • a publisher and website coordinator for works and websites specialising in youth issues, civic participation and involvement in voluntary organisations and community education ;
  • a service provider which, when commissioned by the ministry or within the context of its partnership with voluntary organisations and the public sector (particularly the local authorities) designs and implements audits, studies, training activities and seminars to foster a better knowledge of youth and a better management of public youth policies.

Injep is also a place where researchers, professionals and political decision-makers can meet and share experiences as well as exchange good practices. Injep is a melting pot where tomorrow’s youth policies are being designed and experimented with.

Finally Injep is the managing authority of the European Program Youth in Action : the French Agency of the European program Youth in Action (Afpeja). Established within Injep, its mission — for the European Union — is to implement this European community program dedicated to 13-30 year olds in coordination with the agencies of the other European Union member states and 26 regional delegates located throughout France.

Services Organization Chart

  • Olivier Toche : General Manager.
  • Candice de Laulanié : Assistant General Manager and Head of the French Agency for the European Youth in Action Programme (AFPEJA).
  • Jean-Marc Siry : Secretary-general.
  • Francine Labadie : Observation and Assessment Mission Coordinator.
  • Katy Bousquet : Promotion and Diffusion Mission Coordinator.
  • Isabelle Fievet : Documentation Mission Coordinator.

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