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The National Institute for Youth and Community Education manages and runs several information websites dedicated to young people, youth and voluntary organisations professionals.

Each site is devoted to a specific theme (cultural practices, law, voluntary organisations) and constitutes genuine resources databases for Internet users thanks to rich and diversified contents (news, practical memos, analysis, interviews, bibliographies…).

The institute also offers a database of youth-related public structures and policies.

Websites List

Galaxie Jeunesse :

  • Galaxie Jeunesse is a service aimed at youth policy professionals and protagonists who wish to stay updated on the latest news and get a better grasp of existing frameworks dedicated to young people.
  • It offers a selection of youth related news updated every week as well as a database of all national structures and public organisations relevant to young people in France.

Ressources Jeunesse :

  • Ressources Jeunesse is an information website aimed at local protagonists of youth and education policies.
  • The site promotes experiences, analyses the role of protagonists and provides tools for thinking and acting within three fields : 1. support and information for young people 2. young people’s participation and commitment 3. youth and education policies.
  • The website is concerned with actions set up by municipal youth services, associations, the structures of the Information Jeunesse network, the Information and Orientation Centres (CIO), local youth support spaces (missions locales), schools…

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